Feyonda Fitzgerald: I want to be a Polish League MVP

We are talking with the Polish Bee-Sugar Bee playing at AZS UMCS Lublin, Feodosia Fitzgerald. In the last three seasons of the season, the American has scored the most points (45), assists (12) and was at the top of the team. Last weekend’s academics paused in league matches. The next meeting will be held in Lublin on 14th October. To date, the coach of Wojciech Szawarski has scored two away victories and defeat in front of his own audience.

How do you find yourself in your first months in Poland?

Everything is moving towards the better. It was only my first professional basketball season and most things were absolutely new to me. Over time, you will know better your country and your teammates. At first, it was hard for me, but now it seems to me that I feel better every day. The hardest thing is that Polish is one of the hardest in the world and hard to understand.

And how do you rate the beginning of the season in the performance of Bee?

In my opinion, our team is really good and has great potential. However, we have to put everything in order so that the team functions properly. You also need to believe in yourself, which always helps. Every day we train hard to become a better team. We are also working on a mental approach. We want the Lublin team to be better than last season. I think it should be good.

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