Star-shaped CCC team did not run a second in Gorzow!

Definitely won the positives. Oddly in the match with Ostrovia, this time they were better than Elina Dikeoulakou and Veronica Gajda. First of all, Miah Spencer greeted in Gorzow. This is not the type of leader like Sharnee Zoll-Norman, but the American is only 23 years old. In Ostrów there was a tremor, even a pitch of shyness, today there are many more good times, after which there is hope that he will fulfill his role. Will it give more points over time? We will see. CCC has thrown 80 “mesh”, so its support was not necessary (2/7 of the game). The more important are the following numbers: 7 assists, 7 rebounds (2 in attack), 3 losses, and 4 captures. Second performance in team play. Bravo!

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